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North Korea Says Syrias Assad Will Visit With Kim

David Maxwell, associate director for the Center for Security Studies at Georgetown University, said that Ambassador Mun may have misunderstood Mr. Assad, or his aides may have misreported what they thought the Syrian leader said. Given the looming summit with Mr. Trump, Mr. Maxwell said he was puzzled by the North’s announcement of a possible visit from the Syrian leader, who has been entangled in a bloody civil war and condemned by the West for the use of chemical weapons against his own citizens. “I am struggling to figure it out and trying to put aside my Western bias and look at from Kim Jong-un’s perspective,” Mr. Maxwell said. “If they think it enhances their legitimacy, then they certainly don’t have a good understanding of the international community, and certainly what the U.S. is going to think about it.” United Nations experts accused North Korea of shipping materials to the Syrian government that could be used in the production of chemical weapons during the brutal civil war it has been fighting against rebels since 2011. The materials were part of at least 40 shipments that North Korea made to Syria between 2012 and 2017 that could be used for both civilian and military purposes, the United Nations report said.

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Before Trump-Kim summit, US group sowed seeds of peace--with rice

This undated picture released from North Korea So no shovels or small equipment like tractors that can go on mountain roads." She said backpack sprayers also are out due to sanctions. "We don't give them high-tech stuff just low tech-stuff. Things we send are very simple." North Korea has developed domestic tractor manufacturing that helps it get around sanctions. North Korea's leader Kim was seen smiling in photos believed to have been taken last year at one such tractor factory. Some of the tractors have been trotted out in military parades pulling wagons loaded with weapons. AFSC can still send plastics to North Korea for greenhouses and water pumps to help with irrigation systems. Along with water management issues, sanitation has been identified as a problem in North Korea by other non-governmental organizations and UN agencies. There's been reports of chronic diarrhea in the population due to the lack of clean water. Also, roughly one out of every four people in the country lack what's considered basic sanitation facilities.

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